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Inside the area of Sochi National Park, the river with the unusual name - Zmejka (Small Snake) flows through. This river got its name for its winding river basin, broken through narrow ravine. Waters in Zmeyka look like blooming serpent scales in sunshine rays. The right tributary of Macesta River is interesting, too, with its waterfalls which fall through 600 metres in a long cascade into the river.

Upper two-storey waterfall, 30 metres long, starts with basin, where you can enjoy your bath. Water falls ahead, running over the rapids, becoming weak in quiet bays, and continue towards lower (bottom) waterfall. Zmeykow Waterfalls, different from those Agur Waterfalls, never become parched, thanks to the springs, where they were born. One of them - Izumrudnyi (Emerald Waterfall) is famous through its clear, pure drinking water.

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    City center

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    City center

  • Pickup time: (10.00 AM - 10.30 AM)
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Participants will be taken by bus to the trekking tour in the area of Zmeykovskie waterfalls, the river Zmeyka and Mount Piket. Total length of the route on foot is 6-8 km. Travellers will learn about the amazing nature of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve while walking on mountain trails and will get to see waterfalls on the Zmeyka River, stopping at the foot of the Mountain Piket.

Children policy

Not reccommended for children under 12 years.

Participant Guidelines

Participants are strongly advised to have a drinking water.