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City center

Taking a trail down from Mt. Akhun, it is possible to get to the nearby Agurskoe Canyon, another popular destination with a cascade of 3 waterfalls surrounded by high cliffs. It is spoken to be the oldest tourist sight in the city.

Agursky waterfalls are the chain of waterfalls changing each other, which are located on the river Agura in Hostinsky region in Sochi. As Agura is supplied only by rains and melting snow, in summertime it may completely get dry and the waterfalls disappear.

The Great Agursky waterfall is hidden by the green tunnel of cherry-laurel. Two enormous rocks are cut and corroded by the water. This magnificent sight is completed by grey mane of moss, lichen and abundant brushwood of fern. Wide torrent of water crashes down from its 30-meter height.

500 meters away from the first waterfall, you may find the next one. It is also very beautiful. There is a karst cave and stone path above the waterfall. Behind the second, there is the third 6 m waterfall in the narrow cleft. You may hardly see but easily listen to that waterfall.

Outside of the waterfalls, there is a place called Eagle Rock with a few caves around. As a legend says, Eagle Rock is the place where Prometheus (Classical Greek God of Fire) was enchained.

  • Group size: from 1 to 10 people
  • Pickup location: 

    City center

  • Drop-off location: 

    City center

  • Pickup time: (10.00 AM - 10.30 AM)
  • Drop-off time: (3.00 PM - 3.30 PM)


Participants will be taken by bus or car to the Eagle Rock and then they will have a walking tour that involves a 6 to 7 km trek along the river gorge Agursky Agoura. Participants will get to visit the waterfalls and the Eagle Rock with a few caves around, while learning Greek myths and legends about Caucausus along the way. As a legend says, Eagle Rock is the place where Prometheus (Classical Greek God of Fire) was enchained.

Children policy

Not reccommended for children under 12 years.

Participant Guidelines

Participants who desire to participate in the walking tour have to be in good physical shape and wear comfortable shoes.