Local Cuisine

Sochi restaurants offer really wide cuisines variety.

Restaurants in Sochi offer everything from traditional Russian cuisine to pizzas. Whether you're looking for a nice dinner complete with local wine or someplace quick and tasty, you won't have any trouble finding it.

Russian cuisine is diverse, as Russia is by area the largest country in the world. Russian cuisine derives its varied character from the vast and multi-cultural expanse of Russia. Its foundations were laid by the peasant food of the rural population in an often harsh climate, with a combination of plentiful fish, poultry, game, mushrooms, berries, and honey. Crops of rye, wheat, barley, and millet provided the ingredients for a plethora of breads, pancakes, cereals, kvass, beer and vodka. Soups and stews full of flavor are centered on seasonal or storable produce, fish and meats.

Traditional Russian Dishes

Kholodets is a traditional food in Russia. It is a meat jelly, made of chopped boiled pork and (or) veal with spices and garlic. The meat is boiled with bones for a long period of time. Kholodec is particularly eaten during Christmas time.

Pelmeni are a national Russian food, made with minced meat filling wrapped in thin dough. Pelmeni are one of the most popular Russian dishes and served with sour cream or melted butter, black pepper and vinegar.

Kotlety: Small pan-fried meat balls, not dissimilar from Salisbury steak and other such dishes. Made primarily from pork and beef (sometimes also from chicken or fish), they are easily made and require little time. Ground beef, pork, onions and bread are put in a bowl and mixed thoroughly until it becomes relatively consistent. Once this effect is achieved, balls are formed and then put into a hot frying pan to cook.

Pirozhki: Small stuffed buns (pies) made of either yeast dough or short pastry. They are filled with one of many different fillings and are either baked or shallow. One feature of pirozhki that sets them apart from, for example, English pies is that the fillings used are almost invariably fully cooked. The use of chopped hard-boiled eggs in fillings is another interesting feature.

Blini are thin pancakes made with yeasted batter which are often served in connection with a religious rite or festival. Blini can be made from wheat, buckwheat, or other grains, although wheat blini are most popular in Russia. They may be topped with butter, smetana (sour cream), fruit preserves or caviar.

Syrniki are fried curd fritters, garnished with sour cream, jam, honey, and/or apple sauce.

Vatrushka is a kind of cake with a ring of dough and tvorog (cottage cheese) in the middle, often with raisins or bits of fruit, from about five inches to two and a half feet in diameter.

Besides Russian cuisine Sochi offers numerous cafes and restaurants with variety of other national cuisines. Because Sochi is located just to the north of Georgia, you'll also have the opportunity to sample Georgian cuisine widespread in the form khachapuri and chakhokhbili. There are also a lot of Armenian, Greek restaurants. Armenian cuisine offers delicious dishes from pork: barbecue and khash (thick soup), loved by everyone Armenian bread – lavash. You can find in Sochi also Tatar cuisine. Please yourself with famous chebureks, Bakla shorbasy soup made from beans and legumes, and meat sauce for noodles with vegetables.