Weather in Sochi

Check out the weather and latest temperatures in Sochi with our comprehensive Sochi weather forecast below.

Sochi enjoys a humid subtropical climate with warm and sunny summers and mild winters. Daytime temperature averages at 18.5 °C annually while nights tend to be much cooler at 11 °C on average. The resort city experiences high humidity. Precipitation is also high, but in spite of that, it is sunny and pleasant most of the time. The city enjoys around 300 sunny days a year.

Summer, from May to October, is the most comfortable season in Sochi. Average daytime temperatures range between 25 °C and 29 °C. The warmest months are July and August. Swimming is excellent at this time with the sea water nice and warm.

Winter lasts from December through March. It can be cold and frosty at times but it’s much warmer than the rest of Russia during this period. Mercury levels rarely dip below freezing. Temperatures average 11 °C during the day and 4 °C at night. The coldest months are January and February.

Sochi receives an annual precipitation of 1,700 mm, much of it occurring during the winter months though showers are not uncommon during other seasons. Generally, coastal areas receive more rain than the higher reaches.

The best time to visit Sochi is during the summer, especially June through August. Tourist arrival peaks during July and August with tourists arriving from Russia and abroad. In the mountain ski resort of Krasnava Polyana, peak season is from December to March when skiing is really good.

Layered clothing and jackets for the chilly winter days and nippy evenings is recommended.