2014 Olympic Games - Figure Skating


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Figure skating at the 2014 Winter Olympics will be held at the Iceberg Skating Palace, The Olympic Park.

Feb 06 – Team: Men: Short Program, Pairs: Short Program, 19:30-22:55, Event Competitions
Feb 08 – Team: Ice Dance; Short Dance; Women: Short Program; Pairs: Free Program, 18:30-23:00, Event Competitions
Feb 09 – Team: Men: Free Program; Women: Free Program; Ice Dance: Free Dance, 19:00-21:55, Event Finals
Feb 11 – Pairs: Short Program, 19:00-22:20, Event Competitions
Feb 12 – Pairs: Free Program, 19:45-22:45, Event Finals
Feb 13 – Men: Short Program, 19:00-23:30, Event Competitions
Feb 14 – Men: Free Program, 19:00-23:05, Event Finals
Feb 16 – Ice Dance: Short Dance, 19:00-22:45, Event Competitions
Feb 17 – Ice Dance: Free Dance, 19:00-22:20, Event Finals
Feb 19 – Women: Short Program, 19:00-23:30, Event Competitions
Feb 20 – Women: Free Program, 19:00-22:55, Event Finals
Feb 22 – Gala Exhibition, 20:30-23:00, Event Competitions

Figure skating was contested in the Olympic Games since the 1908 Summer Olympics. It is the oldest sport on the Olympic Winter program.

The number of entries for the figure skating events at the Olympic Games is limited by a quota set by the International Olympic Committee. There are 30 participants in each singles events (ladies and men), 24 couples in ice dance and 20 in pairs.

Which skaters from each country attend the Olympic Games is at the national governing body's discretion. Some countries rely on the results of their national championships while others have more varied criteria based on international success at competitions such as the European Figure Skating Championships and the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships. Selections vary by country.