2014 Olympic Games - Luge


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Luge at the 2014 Winter Olympics will be held at the Sliding Center Sanki, Krasnaya Polyana.

Feb 08Men, 18:30-22:00, Event Competitions
Feb 09Men, 18:30-22:00, Event Finals
Feb 10Women, 18:45-21:45, Event Competitions
Feb 11Women, 18:30-21:30, Event Finals
Feb 12Men / Women: Doubles, 18:15-21:20, Event Finals
Feb 13Men / Women: Team Relay, 20:15-21:45, Event Finals

Luge is the French word for sled, and historical findings point to the existence of sleds as early as AD 800. The sport was introduced to the Winter Olympic Games in 1964, with both men's and women's events and a doubles event. Doubles is technically a mixed event, but is almost always competed by a team of two men.