Novorossiysk is an important transportation center of Krasnodar krai of Russia. In the city, there is the largest Russian port on the Black Sea which includes passenger, freight ports and an oil-tanker harbor. It is the final point of the railway from Krasnodar, a highway juncture.

What To See

Mikhail Kutuzov Artillery Cruiser


Completed in 1954, the Mikhail Kutuzov Artillery Cruiser was one of the last conventionally-powered gun cruisers launched. The flagship of the Black Sea Fleet when it was operational, the ship housed 1,200 crew members. The ship was taken out of service in 2001, and today serves as a museum that seeks to educate the general public about the Russian military.

Novorossiysk Museum-Reserve of History


The Museum was founded in 1916 and opened its doors for first visitors the same year, on December 27. Since then, the museum has increased dramatically and now comprises a lot of sites, namely the main exposition, History of the City of Novorossiysk; permanent expositions Old Novorossiysk, Climate and Environment of the Novorossiysk Region, Golden and Silver Artifacts, The Great Patriotic War Memorabilia, and Birds of the Krasnodar Krai; the Museum-Reserve exposition hall; Aircraft, Artillery and Vehicles of the Great Patriotic War; Nikolay Ostrovsky Memorial; memorials Heroes of Civil War and the Great Patriotic War and Death Valley.


Memorial complex on "The Small Earth"


The monument is dedicated to the Novorossiysk landing operation, which took place between the 10th and 16th September 1943. The monument represents a giant landing vessel moving towards its target. Bas-reliefs of seamen and soldiers rushing out of the sea waves to the shore, overcoming an enemy and fixing a red standard on the narrow strip of the land, are carved on the outer surface. Inscribed on the walls of the monument are the names of notable military units and names of participants in battles.

Monument to the Unknown Sailor


Novorossiysk’s Memorial to the Unknown Sailor stands 7 metres tall. It was created by the sculptor O. Kolomeytsev and was unveiled in 1961.


What To Do

In summer thousands of visitors from northern parts of Russia gather on the beaches of Novorossiysk for sunbathing and swimming.

Active rest lovers can enjoy diving and yachting or visit Aquapark in the city center.

Sightseeing highlights include museums, art gallery, aquapark and beaches.

If you’re up for traveling outside of the city, there are some great places not far from Novorossiysk like Abrau-Dyurso . This one of Russia's major wine-producing regions and the wineries are the oldest in Russia, established by Tsar Alexander.
It’s also the place where famous Russian champagne is produced.



Commercial and Entertainment Complex "Red Square"

The trading center “Red Square”, with a total area of 44 000 m ², is located in the center of the city. There are more than 90 shops and restaurants here.
“Red Square" is not just a place for shopping, but also a center for meetings and entertainment. The trading center is open to visitors from 10.00 to 22.00 daily without lunch break and days off.


How To Get There

Novorossiysk is connected by rail and highways to the main industrial and population centres of Russia, Transcaucasia, and Central Asia.

By Air
The closest airports Gelendzhik Airport (33 km), Anapa Airport (53 km) & Krasnodar International Airport (172 km) offer flights to many cities in Russia.

You can find information about flights to Gelendzhik, Anapa and Krasnodar here

By Bus
The bus station runs bus services to Krasnodar, Sochi and Gelendzhik, plus marshrutki to Anapa.

By Train
From the train station three daily trains go to Moscow passing through Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don. For Sochi or Mineralnye Vody change at Krasnodar.

By Sea
Hydrofoil "Siflait" brings passengers from Sochi and Yalta.