Pyatigorsk is located 196 km south-east of Stavropol, 24 km south of Mineral Waters (Mineralniye Vody), at an altitude of about 525 m above sea level.

"Pyatigorsk" means "Five Mountains Town". This place is a famous Russian mineral water resort and even during the time of the tsars the nobles would come to drink, bathe and relax in the mineral water and recover their health.

On January 19, 2010, Pyatigorsk received the status of the center of North Caucasus Federal District. It is the only center of the federal district not being the capital of the subject of the federation.

What To See

Pavilion “Aeolus harp


It was built in 1831 on the highest point of Mikhailovsky spur, Mashuk mountain. An original musical instrument - Aeolus harp, very popular in Europe - was placed in the pavilion. In 2008, the equipment was installed in the pavilion which played music independently of wind. The name is connected with a name of the god of winds Aeolus.

The sculpture “Eagle”


The sculpture depicts an eagle fighting a snake - an official symbol of Caucasian Mineral Waters. This sculpture was prepared for 100 anniversary of the resort and was opened on May 1st, 1901.
The author embodied in the stone a mountain legend about an eagle, which had been mortally bitten by a snake and had found a rescue from the inevitable death in the jet of salubrious water on Goryachaya mountain.The mountain attracts with its caves of karst origin. Plenty of such caves are located on the south slope of the mountain. 


Academic Gallery


In the middle of the last century a light white stone building of the Elizabethan Gallery has appeared in the upper part of the rock shelter, which separates the Goryachaya Mountain and the Mikhailovsky Spur of Mashuk. The Gallery was named in honour of the 200th anniversary of the Academy of Sciences (1925). Nowadays there are pump-rooms with mineral steams. In front of the Gallery there is a platform with a beautiful view on Pyatigorsk city. 

Lermontov Duel Site


In a clearing on the forested western flank of Mt Mashuk is a monument marking the Lermontov duel site. The actual duel site is unknown but is thought to be near the needle-point obelisk that even today is bedecked with flowers.


What To Do

Pyatigorsk is a convenient starting point for numerous tourist routes. The southern slope of Mashuk has a 20 meters deep sinkhole, at the bottom of which there is a small lake. To climb Mashuk, there is a cable and a foot road. At the center of the health resorts, on the slopes and at the bottoms of Mounts Beshtau, Mashuk, Zmeyka, Razvalka, Zheleznaya, Ostrov, and Medovaya, there is Mount Beshtau forestland (mainly ash, oak, hornbeam, and beech).


Mashuk Mountain




Trade Centers in Pyatigorsk

  • Galereya
  • Assorti
  • Tsentral'nyy
  • Alsvet
  • Universiti
  • Arbat
  • Kvadrat
  • Yug

How To Get There

The nearest major airport is Mineralnye Vody Airport. This airport has international and domestic flights and is 26 km from the center of Pyatigorsk, Russia.
Another major airport is Nalchik Airport which is 84 km from Pyatigorsk, Russia.

You can find information about flights to Mineralnye Vody and Nalchik here

Services from the bus station go to Nalchik, Mineralnye Vody and Teberda. All trains from Kislovodsk stop at Pyatigorsk train station . Add about 45 minutes to Kislovodsk departure times.

How to get to Pyatigorsk from Sochi

The distance between Pyatigorsk and Sochi is 575 km. One can get to Pyatigorsk from Sochi by the train 644 which goes to Kislovodsk via Mineralnye Vody and Pyatigorsk.