Stavropol is a city in the south of Russia, an administrative center of Stavropolsky krai as well as cultural, business and industrial center of the region. The area of Russia in which Stavropol resides is very mountainous, placing the city in the midst of the northern Caucasus mountain range.

The city was founded in 1777 as a fort for the Russian army. It was established as a city in 1785, and in 1822 became the center of the Northern Caucasus Territory. From 1935 to 1943 it was known as Voroshilovsk.


What To See

St. Andrews Cathedral


If you happen to come to Stavropol, you should necessarily see the 19th century St. Andrews Cathedral that will impress you with its magnificence and decent beauty and the Regional museum featuring an exhibit of army uniforms from Napoleon’s Army, as well as many Russian and local Cossack ones.

Stone Cross


In September 2000, in order to commemorate the foundation of the city and the third millennium, the Stone cross “The Symbol of Stavropol” was erected on Krepostnaya hill.



In 2002, Stavropol celebrated its 225th anniversary. In honor of this event a statue “Angel-Protector” and a new square were opened in the city.


What To Do
There are many places in Stavropol worth visiting. Here are some of them.

Stavropol Region Museum of Fine Arts


Stavropol Region Museum of Fine Arts is one of the greatest on the North Caucasus and the only one collection of artistic values in Stavropol Region consisting of antique, classic European art divisions, Russian pre-revolution period with the collection of icon-painting divisions. The modern art division with the biggest part of the collection of Stavropol painters and decorative art division are also presented in the exposition of the Museum.

The Museum's collection chronologically covers the period from the 5th century BC to the 90s of the 20th century. It gives the opportunity to see the common indications and national peculiarity of the art and culture of the different countries. The collection of the Museum allows to present to the visitors the technics and materials, different types and genres of the art and the history of its development.

Central Park


Central Park is located in Stavropol in the city center and occupies an area of 12 hectares. The history of the park is closely linked with the history of Stavropol. Many believe that Great Russian writers like Pushkin and Lermontov used to stroll around this park when they were in the city, although nobody can say for sure. One this that is for sure is that nowadays everything possible is done to preserve the park’s historical value as a natural landmark and, most importantly for tourism, to create the best conditions for a relaxing visit and to provide wide range of services according to traditions.


Stavropol Museum of Cossack History


The museum was opened in 2000. It has plenty of unique things to see like cavalry swords and daggers from the 19th century plus cool examples of other firearms and medals. You’ll also be able to see a neat diorama and, basically, get a really good insight into who the Cossacks were, what they were about and how they operated.


State Local History Museum


The museum’s collection manages to reflect, not just the region’s history, but also that of the whole northern caucuses. The museum fund is made up of over 250,000 items and has a seriously good paleontology section with all kinds of prehistoric skeletons. Apart from that there are good examples of zoology, entomology and a lot of botanical things too.



Trade Centers in Stavropol

  • Tsum
  • Metro
  • Nesterov
  • Stavropol
  • Posad
  • Anastasiya
  • Agromarket


How To Get There

By Plane
There is a small airport 15 km away from Stavropol - Stavropol Shpakovskoye Airport. Several airlines fly to Moscow.
You can also fly from Saint Petersburg or Moscow to Mineralnye Vody and take a bus / minivan to Stavropol from there.
Krasnodar is about 300 km from Stavropol, and it takes on average 5 hours to drive from there by bus or a minivan.

You can find information about flights to Stavropol Shpakovskoye Airport here

By Train
There are direct train routes between Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev and Stavropol.
Trains from / to Moscow leave everyday.
Trains from / to Elista, Adler, Vorkuta, Arkhangelsk and Novorossiysk leave every 2 days.

How to get to Stavropol from Sochi

Sochi Bus services include daily buses to Stavropol (14 hours). Trains from / to Adler  leave every 2 days.